JAWAI and the “HOME”stay !

Wildlife and Mountains have always been the main subject of all my travel plans ,so, having chosen a totally different landscape this time , I kept a spare day in between to check if I could add a little bit of wildlife somewhere in our 10 days long Rajasthan road trip .And when I found... Continue Reading →

Making Minimalism , A Sophistication !

All given and said , the one thing that will matter in the end is....Did I follow my heart and chose things that made me happy , and ...If I were happy, did I spread it across?? Well, I believe I will come to an end just exploring what I am looking for and yet... Continue Reading →

Khamma Gani – Jaisalmer

The story called Jaisalmer ! "Once Upon a Time...." Not just a phrase but a time machine that can deport us to any time dimension it wants. It's a word elixir that can make us rest for a while in our busy lives ,as we slowly get lost in the land of stories. Its an... Continue Reading →

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