Satpura – The “Underdog”

"WE LIVE ONLY ONCE"..... A strong believer of this phrase and realising that life is too short to see the whole world, no place entices me to visit it twice. But who would have thought that an "underestimated" place like Satpura would change my perspective. The beautiful restaurants of Madhai I say underestimated because, most... Continue Reading →

PASHANGARH – Goodness Overloaded!!

“I meet people and they become chapters in my stories.” ~ Avijeet Das Panna is a great safari destination because of the diversity it offers.Small Brooks,Rivers,Bushes,Valleys,Gorges,Plain land,Tall grass name it and the forest of Panna has it. So people who love landscapes and can compromise on animal sightings, because it is totally on luck and the probability... Continue Reading →

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