PASHANGARH – Goodness Overloaded!!

“I meet people and they become chapters in my stories.” ~ Avijeet Das Panna is a great safari destination because of the diversity it offers.Small Brooks,Rivers,Bushes,Valleys,Gorges,Plain land,Tall grass name it and the forest of Panna has it. So people who love landscapes and can compromise on animal sightings, because it is totally on luck and the probability... Continue Reading →

Roopkund – Not a journey but a STORY!!!

“Mountains are the beginning and the end of all natural scenery..” ~ John Ruskin And I always wondered what lies beyond them.... As if the urge to reveal the mystery was not enough,the wanderlust pics of the trekkers on Instagram with perfect blue sky,sparkling springs ,green meadows ,the dense forests,the majestic mountains and the colourful... Continue Reading →

A Love Story!!!

I was living in a shell ,protected by my parents, unaware of the beauty and the thrills of the world. I never thought I could love someone else apart from them until we crossed our paths. Loving my parents unconditionally was so much more than enough for me, but taking an additional responsibility of loving... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Moment!!

This temporary moment was captured by my iPhone and stored as a permanent source of happiness.Never again will the waves align themselves exactly like above. Similarly in life,we will never get a moment back.So live today and make memories for ever.


Those moments when I am surrounded by fake company and i still have to socialise for some stupid reason i turn OPAQUE just like these terracotta statues,put on a smile on my face and do not let their talk/comments enter me through any passage. Daily_Word_Prompt_Opaque

Miles to go before I Sleep !!!!

Just when I was about to relax and pass on another day of my life doing nothing, I figured out, I hardly have another 50 odd years to live and i was jolted out of my "doing nothing" zone . Daily_Prompt_Challenge

I Love U Maa!

I said to my 2 and half year old son I Love You.He said I Love u Too Ma.I asked "How Much"..He said "5" because that was the highest number he knew then. At 3  he said "I Love You 10" And now at 4 and a half he says "I love you 100". That... Continue Reading →

SIMILIPAL –  A “potential” tiger reserve..

I use the word potential because, stretched over an area of 2750 square km, which is much more than the other national parks like Kanha & Bandhavgarh in India, Similipal is yet to be declared as a National Park. Hosting India’s second tallest waterfall(Barehipani Waterfall), huge beautiful Pine forests , beautiful and gorgeous aviaries(both migrated... Continue Reading →

Looking Beyond!!!

After many days of keeping a word document open with just 3 words “Sometime I Wish” and trying to find out what I should  actually pen down, I realised there is nothing particular that I wish. Actually… I have more than I wish. Being transferred to a place like Bamnipal was the least , I... Continue Reading →

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