Satkosia….. Another Tale of Odisha !

Never Miss the sunrise when you are here !!! Kettle, Fish, Stool, Pressure Cooker, Brinjal, Banana…..And what not !  I wonder what goes through the minds of the "eligible" election contestants when they choose such weird objects to represent themselves. Being on roads during the election season is crazy. Myriad announcements at the same frequency... Continue Reading →

Exploring The Lost Lands of ODISHA!!

Life is too short to see all that the world has to offer and it is made even shorter with the hours spent behind the cubicles from 9-5 !!!! How often do we realise the fact that the surrounding we live in can amaze us every single moment of our life.If we acknowledge this fact... Continue Reading →

SIMILIPAL –  A “potential” tiger reserve..

I use the word potential because, stretched over an area of 2750 square km, which is much more than the other national parks like Kanha & Bandhavgarh in India, Similipal is yet to be declared as a National Park. Hosting India’s second tallest waterfall(Barehipani Waterfall), huge beautiful Pine forests , beautiful and gorgeous aviaries(both migrated... Continue Reading →

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