Once upon a Sunset !!!

13 years back, it was like any other weekend ,when I had gone to an art exhibition in Bangalore. Certainly ,I am not the kind who understands the overly priced modern art and hence was sceptical in attending one.However, when you have a free entry pass and a boring weekend to get through, I believe... Continue Reading →

Keeping straight..”On the ..Road…To My Balcony” !!!!

Beauty needs no introduction... its either there, or it isn't ....You either see it or your don't !!! From "The Little book of beauty" by Ruskin Bond . Going little further on "The road….that leads to my Balcony !" , is a very busy world. No, I am not talking about the world where we... Continue Reading →

The road ….to my Balcony…..

On returning from Rajasthan in March, I landed amidst the global crisis of COVID-19.Irrespective of the fact that the the virus was gaining momentum, I somehow felt it was just a matter of time and in another few months,I will be on my trek to the Himalayas .However, it wasn't until few days back ,I... Continue Reading →

A Love Story!!!

I was living in a shell ,protected by my parents, unaware of the beauty and the thrills of the world. I never thought I could love someone else apart from them until we crossed our paths. Loving my parents unconditionally was so much more than enough for me, but taking an additional responsibility of loving... Continue Reading →

Looking Beyond!!!

After many days of keeping a word document open with just 3 words “Sometime I Wish” and trying to find out what I should  actually pen down, I realised there is nothing particular that I wish. Actually… I have more than I wish. Being transferred to a place like Bamnipal was the least , I... Continue Reading →

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