KEDARNATH – Where the destination is as beautiful as the journey – Part 1

After being locked down for 2 years and with the aftermath of COVID still fresh in my memory , I wanted to revive my travel dairies with a hope ! India being a country, where God is fancied in any strange shaped stone by lighting a lamp in front of it, we had no dearth... Continue Reading →

Goechala – “Lessons for Life!!”

Those who travel to the mountain tops are half in love with themselves and half in love with -The Oblivion !!     ~Robert Macfarlane And that explains why ,out of the zillion names available,  I chose "The Oblivion" as the name of my domain. 😀 😀 In awe with the name ,its difficulty level and... Continue Reading →

Roopkund – Not a journey but a STORY!!!

“Mountains are the beginning and the end of all natural scenery..” ~ John Ruskin And I always wondered what lies beyond them.... As if the urge to reveal the mystery was not enough,the wanderlust pics of the trekkers on Instagram with perfect blue sky,sparkling springs ,green meadows ,the dense forests,the majestic mountains and the colourful... Continue Reading →

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