Once upon a Sunset !!!

13 years back, it was like any other weekend ,when I had gone to an art exhibition in Bangalore. Certainly ,I am not the kind who understands the overly priced modern art and hence was sceptical in attending one.However, when you have a free entry pass and a boring weekend to get through, I believe any loitering is good enough.But in contrary to what i had assumed , the paintings available over there were fathomable and at a very reasonable price as well…….. I was tempted to buy one

And it was not difficult to choose …THE ONE…..Not sure what bewitched me to pick that ocre yellow coloured ,ordinary looking painting but I bought it.

It was of a farmer with his livestock walking through a rocky terrain ,amidst small hills.

The picture depicted a sunset or a sunrise ?? ..Not sure ! But all I know is there was some subconscious corner of my brain that made me believe it was a SUNSET and my heart felt happy about it.

The painting has been hanging on the wall of my home since then and so had been hidden/subconscious/natural/unrealised love for the sunsets until recently when I have been drenching myself in lots of them due to the “opportunity” called LOCKDOWN !!! (Read here and here to know how much 🤗 ) And as I have been able to find my solace in them everyday during these unprecedented times , I wish you too will be able to find a moment of peace in this chaos and here is WHY????

Sunsets will Make you feel home

Ever watched a sky during the sunset ?? Every little thing that you see around is busy getting back home.No matter how important job they are meant to do , it’s the time to come back home.

And so should you….It will remind you to unwind and relax without any reason.

Sunsets will end your day beautifully

As they say sunsets are the reminders that endings can be beautiful too…..Be it the monsoons when after the afternoon downpours, the clouds and the sun team up to create the most magical view or the summers, when the sun is bright and it gives a perfect background for the silhouettes of your imagination…..sunsets are beautiful no matter how bad your day has been.

Sunsets are the Little pauses of your life

It’s the same hustle everyday.Waking up, work, food, sleep, diet, kids, exercise and now with the lockdown….the binging. We are all busy …. most of the time doing stuffs we don’t even care about … .So it becomes important to have a connect with something real ,once a day ,at least….to remind us to stop and contemplate …..and remember that …….. We, our problems and our disappointments are all invisible in front of something so vast…All we have to do is keep believing in ourselves and fighting to the best of our ability.

It’s a new SUNSET everyday !!!

It has been billion of years of Earth and not a single sunset would have been similar to another one till date, and I am sure God must be having a billion other ideas to paint it differently for every day left of it. Well, we are not God and its ok even if we do not have million ways to be creative. We just need some hundreds to have a stress free life everyday, because only when you spend your time creating or developing something, you will find no time to worry. Of course there will be days that are gloomy and when there are no sunsets ,so, it’s OK during those times….to lie on your couch sleeping or aimlessly browsing through the digital libraries and doing nothing ..Let your mind wander in that gloominess…. but on days which are brighter , do not forget to tie a leash on your mind and drag it to the path you want it to walk upon.Create what you love without worrying about the results and do it as many times as need be, because as Elizabeth Gilbert says in her book “Big Magic” – “When it is for love , you must do it anyhow !”

The painting on my wall…. What do you see?? A Sunset or A Sunrise?? 🙂

Well, having said all the things above, it does not matter whether you choose a sunset or a sunrise , the wind or the rain , the earth or the sky, the sea or the mountains….its all about choosing something real ,at least once a day, over all the make-believe reality fabricated by human beings….because in a world where chaos is the new normal, nature is the only recluse to keep us SANE.

So, be responsible towards it and stay connected with it !!!!

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