Keeping straight..”On the ..Road…To My Balcony” !!!!

Beauty needs no introduction… its either there, or it isn’t ….You either see it or your don’t !!!

From “The Little book of beauty” by Ruskin Bond .

Going little further on “The road….that leads to my Balcony !” , is a very busy world. No, I am not talking about the world where we disconnect the calls of the loved ones ,because we are grumpy ,entertaining a meaningless conversation at work, or the world where we hush our children ,saying “Go to your room and play, “I am busy”” . In fact it’s the world ,which has so much of action in it, yet goes unobserved by almost everyone. It’s so fast moving that, even a star located by a telescope in one minute has moved to a new spot in the next , and yet we say ……. WE ARE BUSY !

And so did I !! I too lived in my own hypothetical busy world , trying to find some excitement/adventure in the chaos called “Lockdown”, seeing 24 hours slip away aimlessly browsing through the phone or my laptop ,regretting not able to travel to the mountains or go anywhere this year ,waiting for the sunsets and the full moon nights to forget those regrets and then feeling disappointed on days when the sky was nothing but a blank grey canvas.

Until……I entered into the magical world of Ruskin Bond through his books

Books ,by their inheritance characteristics, is meant to deport us to a world which the author creates, but Ruskin bond does not take the reader to a different world, instead he makes him aware of the beautiful world around and the myriad of amazing adventures happening in it. As when asked “What does adventure mean to him??”, he merrily replies “Watching The lady bug ,that just landed on my table, having its own little adventure, is ADVENTURE for me”.

Thus , I opened a world of adventure for myself …..I watched how meticulously the ants planned their day to get their food, followed where the bird went carrying a twig in its beak and imagined what must be happening on the top of that tree where all the Egrets returned in the dusk….Precisely,I started observing the busy things around me and realised, how effectively I have been wasting the sunset-less hours of my life, complaining about the monotony.

But now, just a sneak peak at the surrounding even when I am on a call at work , makes me a less grumpier person than I used to be 😉.And amidst all the numerous fleeting moments that keep me actually busy nowadays, I have found my few constants and they are:-

1) The owl that hoots while I return from my late night walk and breaks the silence of the darkness
2) The 2 Prinias that are making a nest just below my balcony
3) The spittle bug and its amazing home
4)The pigeons that wait everyday for their lunch
5) The twinkling fireflies that adorn the trees ,lining a nearby dam, as if they are celebrating the August breeze.
6) The banyan tree ,below which I stand, look up and try to wonder about the innumerable colonies of birds it must be housing.

Well , starting to see how the tiniest of the creatures is actually enjoying and spreading love by their monotonous and busy jobs ,I have learnt a very important lesson that, all these years I had been busy for the wrong reasons, and I hope that I will find more of the the right ones soon .

But…….. What about you??Are you Busy for the right reasons???😈If yes, you are lucky 😇..If not, then keep going straight “On the road….to my balcony !!!” 😊😊😊

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