The road ….to my Balcony…..

On returning from Rajasthan in March, I landed amidst the global crisis of COVID-19.Irrespective of the fact that the the virus was gaining momentum, I somehow felt it was just a matter of time and in another few months,I will be on my trek to the Himalayas .However, it wasn’t until few days back ,I realised, that both the crisis and ME are here to STAY!!!

Frozen Moments …. at the Thar Desert !!!

Rajasthan had given enough memories to survive for few months, but then those few months passed away too swiftly.The fear of missing out on a year, without being on a dusty road, silent wood, thrilling jungle safari, the majestic Himalayas and all other places that were planned for this year, gave me a chill to the spine .

It was ,in fact, diabolical to imagine having lost a year “Doing Nothing” !

Miss those “Doing Nothing” moments with the gang

One weekend-summer afternoon, sitting on my beanbag with my laptop (yeah weekends are working too most of the times) and feeling grumpy about this whole COVID19 thing,I turned to my old blogs and started reading them.While they made me sad and nostalgic, they also patted my back saying “Good Job! You have used your time wisely”.

Nurturing That connection between Me and those mountains

Also, in all of them, the common things that popped out evidently were the sun , the moon , the stars, the trees, the wind, the mountains, the rain and everything that the nature is made up of and everything that I am still blessed to have them around. May be the only thing that was making the difference was that, I was not covering a distance,to watch them.

With a deep ennui, I lifted my head and gave a blank glance towards the sunshine falling on the door of the balcony. It was a gorgeous golden colour reflection .I guessed it was sunset time and hence the gold.I got up and walked all the way through the hall to the balcony ,just to have a peep outside before I kept all those feelings aside and started dealing with the laptop again.But ….. who knew that a peep, which was meant to last for few seconds, was going to help me survive through this whole crisis.

It was a Eureka moment !

View from my Balcony

Being a desperate sunset chaser ,it was one of those gorgeous sunsets,which I had imagined, to be found in far distant places.

Although I was aware that my balcony was west facing but it was not until that moment that I realised, the sun set so beautifully just across my hall.Spending the most precious hours of my life in a cubicle from Monday to Friday and then dozing off during the weekends, I remained ignorant of this fact and I cursed myself for having missed, innumerable such sights till then.

Yet Another One

Since then, it has been myriad trips to the world via my balcony .Be it a gorgeous sunset, the dark clouds grumbling to burst open, the rain drops pattering , the dancing trees in the wind, or the few twinkling stars , it has been a jaw dropping experience every time.

The world might be closed, but the sky is open

And on days , when the view becomes too overwhelming that I almost fall off my balcony trying to capture the whole of it…

I take the other one less travelled by to the roof and that makes all the difference ~ one of my favourite line by Robert Frost(Copied and modified a bit)

Only if I can express what I felt watching it

To all the people who can connect with me , let me know how far , you think, is the balcony from your couch !!!

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