Exploring The Lost Lands of ODISHA!!

Life is too short to see all that the world has to offer and it is made even shorter with the hours spent behind the cubicles from 9-5 !!!!

How often do we realise the fact that the surrounding we live in can amaze us every single moment of our life.If we acknowledge this fact all that we require next is an eye to look around.We(the usual gang+Lokesh) realise it deeply and hence we decided not to wait for long distance journeys and relish what we can do without much planning and moved on to our next short weekend trip.This time in search of The Black Buck.

Mind the name it’s the BLACK BUCK and not the BLACK BUG as  Lokesh had pre-assumned it to be and was about to silently text it’s googled image to his wife saying “This is what we are gonna see” !!! 🙂

 Serene Rambha ….


It was hard to believe that The Black Buck-  a name which was unreal and far away for me, would come into existence just few yards away and just like that.Located in the Ganjam District of Odisha,Aska is a small town also known as the Sugar city,for the reason that it has got the first sugar factory built since the British time.However,not finding a decent place to rest for a night in Aska,we decided to halt in Panthanivas ,Rambha (A city located on the banks of the lake Chilka,the famous brackish water lagoon of Odisha).

I have been to Chilka before and hence was not much excited about it.But I was so damn wrong.While i was worrying about the fact that I will not be able to see the whole world before i die,I encountered another truth and i.e. Every place, no matter how many times u go there, is going to surprise you with amazing things time and again.Floating on its sparkling water ,watching the sun melt into it,singing our favourite songs ,stopping by the beautiful islands(Honeymoon Island, Breakfast Island and Bird Island – quite interesting names,aren’t they???),watching out for the beautiful migratory birds and scanning the lake for the cute dolphins but instead being happy with the glide of the tiny flying fishes, I could see the truth emerging .

Welcoming the Sun!!!

The best thing about travelling – it wakes you up before the sun.

And so did we!!! Ummm…NO…Alok and Lokesh had to be jolted hard out of their beds.However,they did wake up in just one kick :).

IMG_1473All excited to watch the aviaries ,we set out for the pleasant morning boat ride.

And wohoooo we did see the beauties,although we could not find much,as we were little early for the season but we saw the Indian Roller,White breasted kingfisher,Bea-Eaters and lots and lots of Herons and Cormorants in action.To have a glimpse ,click here.

Also located amidst the beautiful jungles of Odisha is a monastery called the JIRANG monastery,considered to be the largest in South Asia.However,we could not make it as we were running out of time.But then travelling is moving at your own pace and enjoying the things at hand .

And moreover there is always A NEXT TIME!!!

Aska – Our Destination.

Back from the waters ,we finished our breakfast ,checked out from Panthanivas and set out for Aska – in search of THE BLACK BUCK(the protagonist of the trip).We were all apprehensive and wishing that we get to see at least 1 of them,but what we saw raised the bar of our happiness exponentially.

Bhetanoi,a small village, located 11 km away from ASKA , is a shelter to approximately 150 black bucks.Yes!!!! that’s quite a number for the sole extant member of the genius antelope family specially when their number is declining due to poaching and habitat issues.


We kept gazing at them through the binoculars.We saw them jump, sleep, run, graze and loiter around for hours under the scorching sun but still it was not enough. They belonged to us and we belonged to them in  those hours.

Having encountered such innocence just few yards away(Thanks to Jeetu and Kaustav)… I Wonder!!!

I wonder if a place like this is going to wipe off one day  without getting the attention it is supposed to get!!!

I wonder if the people who are trying hard to preserve them, without much support from the government ,will ever come to know the magnitude of the favour they are doing upon mankind!!!

I wonder if my grandchildren will ever get to see such beautiful creation of GOD ,unless we stop poaching them!!!

 I wonder if I am doing my bit by spreading the word !!!!


Looking at the things we did ,it feels ,sometimes 24 hours is all you need to lead a life.

We watched the sunrise ,floating on waters..

We saw the sun set sitting on the rocks of Dino Island…

We Saw the fisherman putting his catch in the baskets and realised how much life goes by everyday before we wake up….

We witnessed one of the most beautiful creation of God…

We walked under the moonlight..

We talked…We laughed…

We sang and

WE ATE(Yes,do not miss to eat the sea food ,if you visit this part of odisha)





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  1. Very beautifully written using the pallette of carefully chosen words and different font styles. Awesome pics depicting wonderful landscapes and wildlings making me elated wanting for more. Keep it up !!


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