A Love Story!!!

I was living in a shell ,protected by my parents, unaware of the beauty and the thrills of the world.

I never thought I could love someone else apart from them until we crossed our paths.

Loving my parents unconditionally was so much more than enough for me, but taking an additional responsibility of loving someone else is a beautiful risk that we all should take up in life.

16 years and we have travelled from being the best buddies to best halves and I don’t think this journey would have been any better without you.We already have written zillions of stories in the book of our life to tell to our grand children and I am sure another zillion is out there….waiting .

My heart still skips a beat when I am waiting for you somewhere and I see you coming to pick me up.I still give that blushing smile when you wink at me.When i hold your hand I feel its just the perfect size for my hand to fit in and there are so many things which are still the same even 16 years later.

You have given me so much priority in life that sometimes my dad gets jealous of you ;)We can gossip like girl friends , fight like college couples, love like passionate lovers , argue like parent and child , have fun like friends and what not.We are just enough for each other.

I don’t have to pursue happiness as long as you are with me because when you are around happiness pursues me:)

When we grow old and sit together,  hand in hand in our portico or walk(You wont be strong enough to lift me up then 🙂 ) bare footed on the wet beach,I will just smile not only because I have had the best life with you but also  because I still have you to lean upon.

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