Looking Beyond!!!

After many days of keeping a word document open with just 3 words “Sometime I Wish” and trying to find out what I should  actually pen down, I realised there is nothing particular that I wish.

Actually… I have more than I wish.

Being transferred to a place like Bamnipal was the least , I had ever wanted .But with the hope that I would find my way out with my superiors and get back to Jamshedpur in one year ,I moved into this city….ummm no :colony….ummm no :village…ummm yes: PARADISE.

Lavish vacations twice a year were no more needed as we are on a vacation every day.

Sometimes in order to rekindle our life we need to slow down a bit and that’s exactly the best thing about this place.Surrounded by beautiful villages, mountains,rivers and silence Bamnipal has given us a reason to drop our vacation plans.

Having worked in Bangalore and then shifting to a place like this has always made my colleagues wonder “How am I able to survive in a place like this?”. Its only then ,I realised that this Herculean task for some people ,was just a fruit cake for me. I never actually miss the hustle bustle of a city life , instead, now I wish to stay here as long as I can .


Located in the Keonjhar district of Orissa and away from the rush of life, Bamnipal is a tiny little place.

But the more I explore ,the more I realize that I was under peer pressure to have such an impression of this place and hence we (ME,JEETU,ALOK ,MUKUL and my 4-year old SON who wishes to accompany us into the wild, decided to explore more. It’s rare to meet like-minded people, but when they meet ,they create beautiful  memories )


Cloud with a silver lining…..

The very first day I came to stay here , I noticed  a huge dump of slag right in front of my apartment. It was only thing I did not like about this place.

But one day a miracle happened. We decided to go for a trek on this slag mountain and beyond it. And what we saw right from the peak of it was a treat to the eye and the soul.

There was a beautiful river and and swarm of small hamlets ready to be explored .Its then when I realised that, all good things are protected by some thing or the other. It depends on us whether we look beyond or look away.


It’s not always necessary to walk 100 miles/fly different continents to see something unusual. Sometimes, even a small walk can show u the miracles that exist around us.

So as we walked down a small Pasture of land, there was this man doing something very carefully with a branch of tree whose leaves were almost eaten up. We just gave a glance and were just about to pass away when Mukul got something in his head and he went near. And then I had my mouth wide open to what I saw.

There were scores of silk worms clinging to that branch, moving at 0 mt/sec and camouflaged. The man was actually taking out those worms from the naked branch to a fresh branch full of leaves and then put that branch on a tree so that they can feast on fresh leaves until they became cocoons.

And as the man raised his hand up to show the tree on which he will be leaving the new branch, we could not miss to see the vast stretch of land covered by these green innocents.

Although, the killing process of these tiny centipedes did prick a part of my heart, I could not stop but pass a cherishing “Awwwww” ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ at them.


One of the most tragic things I know about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon instead of enjoying the roses that are blooming outside our windows today. ~ Dale Carneige

So many times we pass a sigh of desperation when we look at the travel diaries of others .And in all that wishing /dreaming/envying about such far away vacations we tend to ignore the roses that bloom in our garden.

So , as I stared out at this silent sunset on a cup of coffee while watching the birds returning to their home, from my terrace ,I smelled the rose of my garden.

IMG_7503 IMG_6644

Amazing sunsets of Bamnipal!!

With the onset of Monsoon ,Bamnipal becomes a fairy land. As the sun rays reflect from the surface of the objects ,freshly drenched in the rain,the whole place gets sprinkled with a beautiful blend of colour and everything just dazzles.

We never skipped a day during the monsoon to have long drives,late night walks,evening strolls etc etc,but still it is not enough to savour the beauty,to have enough of the petrichor, to see the mountains pierce the clouds right from my balcony,to run on empty damp roads  bordered by “Kash Phool” on both the sides and to clap at the twin Rainbows .Eagerly waiting for the monsoons to come back and smell more of the roses.

View from my Balcony…
A Perfect Rainbow!!!
We n KASH PHOOL swinging to the tunes of Monsoon breeze

Bamnipal has not only given me a recluse in the form of nature but also been a perfect blend of urban and country life.Name any occasion and it is celebrated with utmost grandeur. I learned to swim ,trek and also completed my first 5 K.M marathon on this beautiful piece of land.

They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and it is so damn true.While for some Bamnipal is a mundane place as they cannot eat a Pizza at 11 in the night,I cannot thank GOD enough for giving me this ‘luck by chance’.

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  1. Great…… The best of part of you writing is that while reading your blog feel like experiencing your journey by myself. Keep it up wifeeeeeee

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  2. Great start up …Nice memories … Thanks for writing it up..Else with time we forget many.
    Putting travel stories in words is making memory forever.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great narrative of simple joys of life which even the richest of the rich crave for. Inspired quite a bit in the art of “Letting Go & live” philosophy. The quench for genuine happiness down my throat has increased ;). Keep posted !!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow.. What an awesome narration..never thought about bamnipal in such a beautiful way. After reading your blog I feel there are many beautiful things I didn’t notice yet, need to explore.. Wonderful writing Moro, keep it up


  5. Its an interesting perception, quite different from the perceptions people grow of this place. Thanks for the guide like view, and keep up the good work. Hope to explore all the hidden gems surrounding the place.


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